Task Management

IoT2cell incorporates a robust task management system. When an actual or predicted failure report is received, IoT2cell notifies and routes specific tasks to appropriate personnel. Sophisticated tools are provided to ensure the problems are addressed efficiently and in a timely fashion.


Location-based Services

IoT2cell supports a powerful location-based services engine. Real time locations of vehicles, people, drones and other mobile objects can be shown on its map based user interface. Its UI organizes information based on proximity. In many cases this is a better way of accessing relevant information.

IoT2cell also supports proximity or location based notifications. If you are trying to locate a particular object you can ask to be notified when you are within a specified distance. Once you are within range you can use the augmented reality object finder feature as a further aid.



IoT2cell supports multiple ESRI maps that can be dynamically loaded into their phones or tablets on an as needed basis. For example, in the case of a pipeline leak, a map of the pipeline can be loaded. This map could show nearest shutoff valves, underground and aboveground sections, etc.

Augmented Reality Object Locator

AR opens up exciting new possibilities in IoT on the go. Locate a failing component inside an elevator wall, Daisy among a herd of dairy cows, underground pipe damage, a nearby drone or even your teammates.

IoT2cell's 3D location aware objects and architecture were designed from the ground up to support augmented reality. 3-axis visual targeting, depth of field management and sophisticated filtering are provided to pinpoint objects. Unlike other AR solutions that require expensive custom development for each particular case, IoT2cell AR is useful straight out of the box.


Communication Tools

Video Chat

IoT2cell supports person-to-person real-time video chat with markup using their cell phones. This has significant productivity implications. By simply tapping an object, a technician in the field can find a list of qualified on duty subject matter experts and initiate a video chat. The selected expert can then provide guided repair assistance to the technician.

Audio Chat

The audio chat feature works very similarly to the video chat feature, it could be the preferred choice in certain situations.

Text Chat

This can be used in situations where real time response is not required.

Video Broadcast

In many situations, broadcasting video to a large audience is important. A pipeline leak or flooded drainage system are examples. A live broadcast appears as an icon on the map. Simply tap the icon to view the video.

Live Camera Feeds

IoT2cell can connect into live camera feeds. Simply tap on the icon for the camera to see the video. It’s that simple!

Twitter Integration

IoT2cell can display tweets on a map. This is a way to crowd source information. In pipeline leaks, Smart City applications and many other situations the local residents could play an important role by providing timely information.

Custom Development


IoT2cell can fulfill some but not all of your mobility requirements. Many situations would require custom mobile apps, we can help you with that as well.

As a top rated custom mobile app developer with over 500 apps under its belt, Zco Corporation can help you define, design and deploy your mobile apps.

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