Smart Cities

IoT2cell is a leader in Smart City applications having been deployed in over 20 cities for Smart Public Safety and infrastructure protection. Additional applications are being developed in Smart Water, automated garbage collection and others.

Smart Public Safety

PublicEye, IoT2cell's brand name for the Public Safety market, "mobilizes" public safety. Just as IoT2cell connects IoTs to cell phones, PublicEye connects 911 callers to the first responders (Police, Fire & EMS) and their mobile devices.

PublicEye is in use in several U.S cities including Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell, Portsmouth, Worcester and many more. It has been used in life and death situations for over 7 years.


Infrastructure Protection

IoT2cell was deployed at the AT&T Stadium during the 2018 NFL draft. IoT2cell directly connected FirstNet enabled CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) detectors to first responders and their cell phones.

Until now CBRNE alerts and data were available to only a handful of people in command and control centers but not to the personnel in the field.


Infrastructure protection with IoT2cell makes protecting your assets easy and efficient. You can monitor your area and use our map based UI in order to identify hazards that enter within your space. In the AT&T Stadium deployment it was regarding CBRNE hazard prevention, but IoT2cell can provide protection for a variety of buildings and events.

Smart Water

Smart Water involves the distribution of drinking water to homes across a municipality, the operations of waster water treatment and storm water diversion. IoT2cell can help water utilities in a number of ways:

Digital Documentation

A municipal water system is very complex and can take years for an individual to gain a working knowledge of the system. When this individual leaves the knowledge base is lost. IoT2cell's map and object based architecture is ideal to digitally document the entire utility. While Esri maps shows the pipeline layout of the city, IoT2cell objects can mark every pump, valve and point of interest; even showing the maintenance history.


Water Utilities and IoTs

The introduction of IoTs into a pipeline takes efficiencies to the next level. They can be used for detection of water leaks, saving billions of gallons each year for a typical municipality. Detection of low pressure and velocities could be used to improve water distribution and quality. Other applications for Iots include: prevention of storm water overflow, monitoring for contamination and sewer system levels (FOG), smart meter reading, pipeline/pump station monitoring and much more.

Citizen Collaboration

Citizen collaboration is central to any Smart City. Timely reports of crime, fire, medical emergencies, natural disasters, water leaks, gas leaks and a host of other situations need to be diverted to the appropriate agencies quickly. Miami-Dade County is leveraging its 2.5 million residents to fight crime. They use IoT2cell/PublicEye and a public-facing app, developed by Zco, for reporting crimes and other emergencies.


Homeland Security

IoT2cell has an advanced multi-jurisdiction architecture. This has huge implications for Homeland Security. Local, state and federal authorities can be independently alerted, and they can collaboratively respond when a HAZMAT is detected at a tollbooth, border crossing or a Port Authority.


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