Plug & Play Mobile Collaboration Platform for your IoT Solution

A typical IoT solution consists of sensors, gateways, cloud platforms and a mobile frontend. There are off-the-shelf solutions for the first three components. When it comes to mobile apps, custom development is your only choice. This is time consuming and expensive.

IoT2cell eliminates the need for custom development: simply plug it into any IoT solution. Your project is completed quicker and cheaper yet with superior functionality.

Did you know: IoT2cell is a leader in smart city applications.

IoT2cell Mobile Collaboration Platform

IoT2Cell MCPs are an emerging technology, see video

IoT2cell is a sophisticated Mobile Collaboration Platform (MCP) that provides the features needed for most IoT applications. It helps integrate people into your IoT business processes, by leveraging the power and ubiquity of the phone. With very little effort, collaboration, communication, task management and augmented reality features can be added to your IoT solution.

When a smart pipeline springs a leak, technicians, operators, cleanup crews and a host of others need to be alerted. They are provided situational awareness information such as pipeline esri maps, video from drones and GPS locations of resources and people.

All of this information is available in the palm of your hand through a time tested, user-friendly and well-crafted map based interface. See what IoT2cell can do on our Features page.

IoT2Cell MCPs are an emerging technology, see video

Did you know: The underlying technology for IoT2cell has been used in Public Safety for over seven years.

Not Just Predict, Act


IoT platforms look into large amounts of data to provide insights. IoT2cell turns these insights into tasks and provides a mobile ecosystem for users to perform those tasks. If the system predicts the failure of a component, the technician could use GPS navigation and AR targeting to locate the component first. They could then use the augmented information associated with the component to fix the problem. Augmented information in this case may include:

  • Part numbers, technical manuals, etc.
  • Guided repair links
  • Maintenance history and schedule
  • Required tool list

With a single tap on the object (failing component), the technician can retrieve all the information necessary to complete the task. Proximity based filters make it very easy to locate information.


Did you know: Billions of dollars are spent on IoT cloud, but very little on mobile collaboration.

It's So Easy


The most compelling thing about IoT2cell is that it's so easy to add the above capabilities to your IoT solution. No extensive programming is required.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-configure IoT2cell with your users and their roles.
  • Connect to information sources.
  • Add your objects and their associated information.
  • Send simple messages to IoT2cell to initiate and orchestrate a response or schedule a task.

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